Where Will You be a Year from Today?


As I’m writing this, the new year is just 17 days away! YIKES!!!! How did that happen??? 2014 went by too quickly for me! How about you? I always heard that as you get older, the time seems to go more quickly and that is certainly true for me. So, let’s talk about how you […]


DON’T WISH ME A HAPPY SENIOR CITIZENS DAY!!!! Today is National Senior Citizen’s Day, but don’t plan on saying Happy Senior Citizen’s Day to any Baby Boomers (those born from 1946-1964), even those who are senior citizens according to our societal indicators!  Of course, at what age is one technically a senior citizen?   I thought […]

65 and Very Alive!

65 and Very Alive! Well, that’s what my husband, Tom, has been saying to me and everyone else who will listen to him lately. The reason he’s so pumped up about being 65 years young is because he’s lost 52 pounds in the past two months and he’s feeling and looking amazing! He’s a great […]