Coaching Services

Are you stuck in a place where you don’t want to spend the rest of your life? Are you looking for a new challenge? Are you in a transition stage of life because of a job loss, burnout, retirement or an empty nest? Do you have unfulfilled dreams? Are you wondering how you will fill those extra 20-30 retirement years? Do you want to make the rest of your life the best of your life?

Sometimes you need a gentle nudge to move your life in a different direction. You need to develop a plan to turn a dream into reality. You need a professional partner who can motivate and encourage you. A life coach is trained to work with a client on a particular issue, ask compelling questions to delve into why the individual is struggling with the issue, and in partnership with the client, develop a plan of action to make desired changes. A retirement life coach can help you make a successful transition to retirement so those years are fulfilling, challenging and have purpose. A coach is your ally, advocate and conscience to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

As the founder of Positive Life Decisions and a certified life coach, career coach and retirement coach, I help those in the second half of their lives discover who they are as they revitalize dreams and discover passions. I partner with clients to design a plan that moves them toward the life they truly want to live. I offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching and workshops as well as on-site, non-financial retirement planning programs for companies and financial planners. Will a life coach help you achieve your dreams or have a fulfilling life? Take this quick quiz to learn more!

Complimentary Consultation

This 45-minute session is designed for us to get acquainted and determine what you most want and need right now to make the rest of your life the best of your life. There is no obligation, so please do this for yourself and arrange an appointment today! Begin by completing an on-line questionnaire. Based on your answers, we will decide together on the right coaching program for you.

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Coaching Packages

Private Coaching Sessions


Positive Life Pathfinder Program

Explore the possibilities for the next phase of your life as you set goals and make positive changes. This six-month program includes:

  • Twelve one-hour coaching sessions to be used over six months
  • Comprehensive workbook to guide your journey
  • Goal Tracker to help you measure your progress
  • Unlimited emails during the six-month coaching period

Positive Life Action Plan

Turn your life plan into action achieving one goal at a time. This three-month program includes:

  • Six one-hour coaching sessions to be used over three months
  • Goal Planner to set and track short- and long-term goals
  • Unlimited emails during the six-month coaching period

Career Assessment Testing and 1-Hour Follow-up Session

What do you want to do with the rest of your life? If you are searching for a new career that will be personally, financially and spiritually fulfilling or do you need to re-enter the workforce? A Career Assessment helps bring direction to your transition to the next stage of your life. After completing the Career Assessment, you will:

  • receive a 12+ page personalized career report that contains a complete evaluation of your values, skills, career interests and personality
  • discover satisfying career options
  • develop goals for your new life
  • review and evaluation of your results in a one-hour coaching session with Connie
  • zero in on particular areas of interest and develop your career plan

Retirement Options Coaching

Do you have what it takes to transition successfully to retirement? This retirement coaching program helps you understand how to prepare for this long-awaited transition, a time that could be 20 to 30 bonus years. If you are a soon-to-be-retired couple, this program is a must for you! Avoid the couples retirement lifestyle pitfalls! If you are single, it is equally important for different reasons. After completing Retirement Options, you will:

  • determine your readiness for your new retirement lifestyle and the pitfalls that can occur
  • gain insight and direction for happy and fulfilling retirement years
  • develop a non-financial action plan for your retirement success

Healthy Aging Program

“Getting older is inevitable, aging is optional” says Dr. Christiane Northrup The mind and body work together to help us have the best life possible. I want to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life! And that also includes being physically healthy. This coaching program is complimentary when combined with the purchase of an organic nutrition program that will help you lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, have better physical performance and healthy aging. Nothing else really matters if you don’t have good health. Contact me for specific information about this program.

Group Coaching Program


Positive Powerful Women Over 50

Designed for women over the age of 50 and limited to only 6 women in each group.
This 8-session group-coaching program is for you if:

  • You are still asking yourself “what do I want to be when I grow up?”
  • You have dreams and goals that have not been fulfilled.
  • You are in a transition in your life, because of job loss, retirement, burnout or an empty nest.v
  • You are stuck in a place where you do not want to spend the rest of your life.
  • You are concerned about staying active and engaged as you get older.
  • You have wanted coaching but cannot commit to private one-on-one coaching.

New sessions starting throughout the year!!! Contact me for the next start date

Contact me for a 45 minute complimentary consultation to find out which program is right for you!