Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Mind and Keep Your Brain Sharp

Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Mind and Keep Your Brain Sharp

Yes, we baby boomers are getting older and each year countless people are affected by diseases of the mind, memory and brain. This includes Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. I’ll give you some tips that you can do to stimulate your mind, improve your memory and keep your brain sharp.  

Why it’s Important to Exercise and Engage Your Mind:

Just like our bodies, our brains require a regular exercise routine. Several recent studies have shown that mental stimulation is critical during all phases of life, and that it has a significant impact on protecting the brain against several forms of cognitive decline.

Benefits of Engaging and Exercising Your Mind:

There are many benefits to keeping an active mind. Not only are the activities entertaining, but the knowledge that you gain is great for using in conversation as well. Here are some benefits of exercising the mind:

  • Reduces stress levels and tension
  • Relieves boredom
  • Improves your level of concentration
  • Increases your ability to problem-solve and make decisions
  • Improves your emotional stability
  • Helps prevent depression
  • Improves your ability to recall facts, dates, and fond memories

As we progress through life, staying mentally active has been connected to higher levels of mental functions.   Life-long learning is very rewarding and highly recommended, no matter what form it takes. Here are some fun and entertaining things that you can do to keep your mind engaged and active:


One way to keep the brain is to begin learning a different language; you don’t have to become fluent in the language. Simply learning a few words a day or every week can gave a significant positive effect on the mind.

Learn a New Skill:

You can engage in a new skill or learn a new craft. Upgrading your computer skills to learn to write a blog is productive and mentally stimulating.  Building projects are fun, as well. Attending an art class such as painting or drawing is very rewarding – and even attending a dance class and learning new moves helps keep the brain in good form.

Start a New Hobby:

There are many hobbies that you can engage in, and since exercise is directly connected with improved brain function, hobbies that include physical activity and concentration such as Pilates, Thai Chi, or Yoga are always good choices that stimulate and engage the mind. Activities that require concentration combined with repetition and physical movement are also excellent. Many people enjoy swimming, bicycling, fishing, hiking or taking walks through the park on a regular basis, as well.

Hobbies do more than keep the brain sharp. Hobbies encourage relaxation, provide an outlet for stress, offer a new challenge, unite you with other people and help you to stay in the present. They have also been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve the symptoms of depression and add to an overall feeling of well-being.

Activities involving Coordination:

It’s important to realize that you can have fun while exercising your mind! Try a new activity such as choreography, dance lessons or golf. These activities require concentration and coordination that will stimulate your mind.  Don’t worry if you are stepping out of your box and trying something new; you might even be surprised at how much fun you’re having!


Reading expands the mind and takes us to places far away.  Sometimes places we will never get to visit.  It’s also an extremely effective activity for keeping the mind active and engaged. Reading will improve your vocabulary and activate your imagination, as well as entertain and inform you. There is a wealth of knowledge and entertaining reading available.  Books, magazines, newspaper articles and online articles are all excellent sources.

Additional Mental Exercises:

Playing challenging games, puzzles and other mental activities are outstanding ways to keep the mind stimulated. Some ideal examples of this include Sudoku, Word-Search, Crossword puzzles, card games, chess, and other games of memory.

Make a conscious decision to incorporate challenging games and stimulating activities into your daily life. You currently have the ability and capacity to grow mentally and learn new things, and you will surely reap the benefits that come with it. Taking part in the activities listed above and combining them with sufficient rest, a healthy diet, and routine physical exercise will significantly improve your overall quality of life, as well as keep your mind healthy, active and sharp.  Give it a try!